MAL Metalliks Pvt. Ltd.

Our Foundry

MAL Metalliks Pvt. Ltd. (MMPL) is fully owned subsidiary of M/s Multitech Auto Pvt. Ltd., having existing capacity of 7000 tons per annum and additional 12000 tons through HPML line under installation by Nov 2018 of SG iron & CI castings.

The company Manufacture’s cast parts for heavy commercial vehicles.


  • Electrotherm make Induction Melting Furnace 0.75T X 3 With Dynamic Load Manager. Melting Capacity of liquid metal 2.1 tons/hrs.
  • 4x1 tons Quadritrack Induction Furnace along with fumes extraction system. Melting Capacity of liquid metal 4 tons/hrs. (under installation by Nov 2018)
  • We produce all grades of Grey Iron & Ductile Iron or S.G. Iron (Spheroidal Graphite Iron).
  • Stringent Process Control over the systems
  • Portable Dip Type Immersion pyrometer used.
  • E.O.T Crane : Electric overhead travelling Cranes for metal handling.


    Any high quality casting begins with a high-quality mould. This concept is clearly embodied in our investments in technology for producing moulds which result in castings with exceptional dimensional accuracy & superior surface finish

    DISA ARPA – 450(2 Nos.)

  • Box size of 585 x 585 x 200 / 250mm.
  • Bi Rail System with hoist for mould lifting and closing.
  • Mould Capacity 40 molds/hr.
  • DISA MATCH 24” X 28” (Under installation by Nov 2018).

  • fully automatic mould handling system.
  • Box size of 610 X711 X 250mm.
  • Mold Capacity 120 molds/hr.

Sand Plant
  • Intensive rotary mixer equipped with RTC 103 for automation of mixing time, moisture addition, prepared sand discharge time.(capacity:600Kg)
  • Prepared sand conveying belt from intensive rotary mixer to the sand storage hoppers.
  • Bi-Rail fitted with Air Cylinder hoist for lifting and closing of prepared mold boxes.
  • Sand plant with BMD cooler 20 ton/hr sand Mixer with online automatic moisture control system.
  • SAM Sand Mixture along with Automatic Sand Monitoring System . Sand capacity 30 Ton / hrs
  • Online Knock out with by handling System (long travel & cross travel).
  • Underground belt conveyor with magnetic pulley for conveying knocked out sand from knock out to return sand storage. Magnetic pulley separates out spilled metal /metal particles.
  • Skip charger for conveying knockSMC sand online testing machineSMCed out sand from returned sand area to the intensive rotary mixer.

Quick Facts

Products Gray and ductile iron castings for automotive, hydraulic, and other engineering industries
Installed Capacity 600 MT/month
Under Installation Capacity 1200 MT/month(By end of November 18)
Weight Range 1 kg to 30 kg/pc.
Campus 60,000 sq.ft.
Factory Area 18,000 sq.ft.
Power HT 950, LT 450 (JUSCO)
Power (Under installation) 4 MW (JUSCO)(By end of November 18)
Quality Certificate IATF 16949:2016
Established April 2009
jamshedpur Jamshedpur, India.
Shot Blasting
  • Airless Hanger Type Shot-Blasting Machine
  • Tumbler Type Shot Blasting Machine, Single door, 5-10 ton/day.
  • Wheelabrator Shot Blasting(Under installation by Nov 2018)
  • Gostol TST: Blasting machines - Shot blasting machines
Core Shop

Automatic Cold Box machine

  • Equipped with an Automatic Cold Box Core Shooting Center with intensive sand mixing plant.
  • Galaxy Vertical Core box Machine with 15 litre capacity. .
  • Galaxy Horizntal Core box Machine with 5 litre capacity
  • Compax Universal make core shooter machine with 15 litre capacity.(Under installation by Nov 2018).
  • Core coating & drying facility.

Quality Assurance

    Products undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. In order to ensure the physical & dimensional properties of our products, our Quality Control Department has facilities for:

    • Spectro
    • Methylene Blue Clay Washer Machine
    • SMC sand online testing machine
    • Tensile testing machine
    • Tenso meter
    • Hardness tester
    • Proof machining capabilities
    • 3-Dimensional Co-ordinate Measurement Machine
    • Universal Strength Testing Machine
    • Mold hardness Tester
    • Core Hardness tester