MAL Metalliks Pvt. Ltd.

Our Foundry

MAL Metalliks Pvt. Ltd. Is manufacturer of grey and ductile iron casting for automotive, hydraulic and other engineering industries. This subsidiary of Multitech Auto Ltd. Was commissioned in March 2009 with an installed capacity of 6000 MT per annum.


  • Electrotherm make Induction Melting Furnace 0.75T X 2 With Dynamic Load Manager
  • Portable Dip Type Immersion pyrometer
  • Over Head Electric crane
  • S.G. Iron treatment Ladle
  • Cast Iron Ladle
  • Mechanised Pouring system
  • Digital Weighing Scale for Raw Material and Liquidmetal Handling

  • SJS 450 and SJS 300 Molding Machine
  • Mould Box Sizer: 750*600*200/300mm
  • Mould Box Sizer: 585*585*200/300 mm

Sand Plant

Semi Mechanized Sand Plant:

  • Online Knock out with by handling System (long travel & cross travel)
  • Underground belt conveyor with magnetic pulley for conveying knocked out sand from knock out to return sand storage. Magnetic pulley separates out spilled metal /metal particles.
  • Skip charger for conveying knocked out sand from returned sand area to the intensive rotary mixer.
  • Intensive rotary mixer equipped with RTC 103 for automation of mixing time, moisture addition, prepared sand discharge time. ( capacity:600Kg)
  • Prepared sand conveying belt from intensive rotary mixer to the sand storage hoppers.
  • Bi-Rail fitted with Air Cylinder hoist for lifting and closing of prepared mold boxes.
  • Digital Weighing Scale and auto design of Sanf/additives

Quick Facts

Products Gray and ductile iron castings for automotive, hydraulic, and other engineering industries
Installed Capacity 500 MT/month
Weight Range 1 kg to 30 kg/pc.
Campus 60,000 sq.ft.
Factory Area 18,000 sq.ft.
Power HT 950, LT 450 (JUSCO)
Quality Certificate TS-16949
Established April 2009
jamshedpur Jamshedpur, India.
Knockout, Shot Blasting, Fettling & Finishing
  • Metal being cast
  • Abrasive Cut Off Machine
  • Airless Hanger Type Shot-Blasting Machine
  • Tumbler Type Shot Blasting Machine
  • Pneumatic Disc Grinders
  • Pneumatic Pencil Grinders
  • Painting of Finished Castings

Pattern Shop/ Tool Room
  • An in house pattern shop for handling methoding, pattern re work and mounting of patterns.
  • Lathers, CNCs (Vertical Milling machines),cutting machine, surface table, height guage, and digital vernier for
    • Developing pattern and
    • Repairing and modification of patterns/core boxes
  • Patterns & Core Boxes: Teakwood, Epoxy Resin, Aluminium, cast Iron

Core Shop

Automatic Cold Box machine

  • 15 litre capacity vertical blown
  • 5 litre horizontal blown.

Quality Assurance

Sand testing Laboratory

  • Clay washer machine
  • Methylene Blue Clay Washer Machine
  • Sieve Shaker
  • Rapid Dryer
  • Rapid Moisture Tester
  • Sand Rammer
  • Compatibility Tester
  • Permeability Meter
  • Universal Strength Testing Machine
  • Mold hardness Tester
  • Core Hardness tester

Metallurgical Laboratory

  • Belt Polishing Machine
  • Micro-Polishing Machine
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Spectrometer - 2 NOS one Metal Power India 2nd Spectro Germany
  • Optical Brinell hardness Tester
  • Universal Tensile Testing machine

Quality Control & Inspection

  • Surface Plate
  • Screw jacks
  • Out Side / Inside calipers
  • Vernier caliper
  • Height Gauge
  • Radius gauge

Design & Simulation

  • Casting Simulation Software From OSPL Bangalore
  • 3D Modeling Software PROe
  • Solid Modeling Software Solidedge

Casting Grades

  • Cast Iron : CI Gr.20, CI Gr.25, CI Gr.30
  • S.G Iron / Ductile Iron : 400/12, 500/7, 550/6, 600/3, 700/2
  • Ni-Hard : Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV
  • According to standards : EN, ASTM (AISI), DIN, BIS, IS, B

Casting Capacity & Range

  • By Weight: Upto 30 kgs
  • By Size: 24”x28.5”x6”/7
  • 500 Tons per month

Supply Options

  • As cast (rough casting) / Machined & Finished